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Theory of Business

An Expert on Comprehensive Plant Nutrition Control


Nowadays, too much chemical fertilizer and plant hormones are applied, which lead to soil crust and crop’s weakness respectively. As a result, yield and quality of agricultural products are getting worse and worse.

Besides, people are paying more attention to food which must be healthier, more nutrient and more beautiful. For those reasons, changing the old fertilizing method and providing crop with comprehensive and enough nutrition is now the call of the times.



It means TransworldBiofertilizer offers various products which are suitable to any crops at any time.



TransworldBiofertilizer Group has been doing R&D for more than 30 years in Taiwan and shares a long-term cooperative relationship with plenty of scientific research institutions. Moreover, it exchanges product and technology information with 20 countries such as France, England, Germany, Spain, America and Australia,etc.

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