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Corporate Culture


Worldwide Material, Bumper Harvest

TransworldBiofertilizer Group was founded in Taiwan 30 years ago with the goal of bringing farmers bumper harvest by having a grasp of advanced technology and selecting overseas high-end special fertilizer.

Bumper harvest not only means farmers’harvest but also means the profit to anyone relates to TransworldBiofertilizer.



To be a Leading Company in Plant Nutrition Control Field in 5 Years.



1. Accountability

Hold accountable and get satisfactoryresults.

2. Accuracy

Pay attention to details and self-discipline and make progress every day.

3. Customer

Offer best services by realizing what customers need.

4. Communication

Develop mutual trust and constructive confrontation; discuss and share with each other anytime anywhere.

5. Effectiveness

Get the key point before taking action; do the right thing rightly.

6. Enjoyment

Know what you want through career planning; enjoy your work and life.

7. Root

Find the question behind the question and solve it immediately.

8. Research

Get used to doing researches and report with chart and data.

9. Sincerity

Treat people with sincerity; keep your words and never hesitate to make a promise because of fearing to hold accountable.

10. Study

Keep learning and thinking; adhere to the unity of knowledge and practice.

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